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Chehai Xiang, Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Inform


On the morning of October 17, Che Haixiang, the deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology visited OLEI and was cordially received by Chen Xiaoming, general manager of OLEI and others.

Mr. Che first learned about the 3D LiDAR, 2D LiDAR, infrared sensor and other products produced by OLEI, and then inquired about the application fields and prices of LiDAR products in the current market. The two sides fully discussed some of the technical difficulties encountered in the current production of radar, and both put forward their own opinions and reasonable suggestions.

Being very interested in OLEI's 3D LiDAR products, Mr. Che mainly focused on its application in the manless driving field. With extremely high stability, OLEI's current 3D LiDAR has solved the problem of environmental impact on measurement accuracy, and could meet the needs of industrial mass production. Both parties agree that the LiDAR based on TOF principle is currently the best way to solve the problem of intelligent coordination of vehicles and roads. 

During the visit, Mr. Che fully affirmed OLEI LiDAR’s achievements in the technological innovation and its competitive advantages. He expressed his high appreciation for the rapid development of OLEI in recent years, and hoped that OLEI would create new achievements in  the field of automatic driving. 

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