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Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent AGV navigation

OLEI LiDAR has a wide distance measurement range, high repeatability and small angular resolution. It provides guarantee for the realization of AGV navigation function. Navigation LiDAR is generally installed on the top of AGV equipment to detect longer range.

The AGV device equipped with OLEI LiDAR can not only perform natural target navigation but also marker navigation. Customer can select one of the approaches based on different application requirements.

In addition, the AGV system equipped with OLEI LiDAR can realize the automatic driving along preset paths, and reach the target position through the real-time SLAM point cloud data processing algorithms.

Intelligent AGV safety obstacle avoidance

In order to avoid collision during the running of the AGV equipment, several 2D LiDARs can be installed on the periphery of the AGV equipment to dynamically monitor the area.

Our experience from successful application cases show that two LiDARs can be installed at the front and rear ends of the AGV device, or both sides, or two diagonal positions of the device to achieve full coverage of 360° horizontal safety area.

When the OLEI safety LiDAR performs the obstacle avoidance function, once an obstacle enters the warning zone, the LiDAR will generate the corresponding switch signal to trigger the audible or visible alarm signals and the functions of deceleration and braking simultaneously.

OLEI Safety LiDAR also has point cloud data output function. In a relatively simple implementation, one LiDAR can be used to achieve the dual functions of navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Four current output ports of the OLEI safety LiDAR can meet the requirements of the LiDAR's external 3 safety control signals and one error output signal to the AGV equipment.

The four switch input ports of OLEI LiDAR can set to 16 safety zone groups, making the AGV system in different working conditions such as forward high speed, forward low speed, high speed, left turn and right turn. The security zone groups can be set freely and flexibly.