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While we try our best to make as much of our technical support materials available online, sometimes you might need more information. In this case.our technical specialist and service team are ready to help.

Online Resources

OLEI provide following online support resources:

  • We will provide deep theoretical information on the principles of operation that our products are designed around, this will help you to understand our products foundation.
  • Our tutorials cover the fundamentals in a large variety of technical disciplines.
  • Software downloads when available are most easily found from applicable product pages.
  • They are most easily found from applicable product pages. This will help you to how to get the best products performance.
  • Individual product user manuals are most easily found from applicable product page, which will tell you in detail how to use our products
  • We can provide 2D Outline drawings for most products for your request in mechanical Design. 3D model drawings (STP format) of some products can also be provided according to your request.