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The continuous improvement of life quality by modern technologies has triggered new demand of life service, the service robots have gradually entered the civic places.

OLEI LiDAR can provide clear vision for service robots by mean of accurate navigation data and obstacle avoidance information.

Patrol robot can inspect, record and report on the critical environmental data of a power plant, such as temperature, gas, vibration, sound, etc., and achieve the full coverage of the key equipment status of the power plant, therefore the power plant operation and maintenance workers can understand & control the status of the equipment in time. The LiDAR-equipped patrol robot can be navigated to cruise a planned area, and complete the scheduled inspection automatically.

Although the operating procedures of industrial robots tend to be highly reproducible, the absolute safety of the robot's working area cannot be fully guaranteed.

OLEI Safety LiDAR can set a customized protection and warning area in the robot working area. Once other equipment or operators mistakenly enter the work area, it can trigger an external alarm to instruct the robot to stop running immediately and assure the safety of equipment and personnel.