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CES Asia came to a successful conclusion, and OLEI laser products were well rece


The three-day top-level event of the technology industry, CES Asia 2019, officially kicked off yesterday. Let’s learn about the exhibition through the following letters and photos. 

OLEI 32 line laser LiDAR

The 32-line LiDAR is the latest series product independently developed by OLEI. This product features high performance, high reliability, light weight, small size and acceptable price. Adopting a mechanical rotary design and with a vertical field of view of ±15°, this product achieves a detection distance of 100 meters. The appearance is more graceful and the lines are smoother. It is believed that the stunning appearance of the OLEI 32-line LiDAR will give rise to a tide of attaching great importance to appearance within LiDAR industry.

LiDAR series products

Wonderful interaction at the Exhibition

During the exhibition, OLEI laser products were highly praised by the visitors,especially by the car manufacturers, due to their perfect customer experience and performance. In the future, OLEI will continue to enrich its product line to meet the needs of users all around the world.

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