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  • 3D LiDAR Sensor

    The 3D LiDAR sensor with many patented technologies and represents the technical strength of OLEI in the field of laser ranging. We have the mass production capability of 3D LiDAR and can customize the products according to the application needs.

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Scanning Angle(°)

270( 0 ) 360( 2 )

Product Line

  • LR-16FIS : Multi-Line Mine-used Intrinsic Safety LiDAR

    Multi-Line Mine-used Intrinsic Safety LiDAR is widely used in various aspects such as 3D modeling of various working faces and roadways in the underground environment, obstacle avoidance of mining mobile equipment, deformation monitoring of mine roadways, displacement monitoring of mine slopes, and coal measurement, providing guarantee for positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance, monitoring, measurement, etc. ●This product has obtained the mining product safety sign certificate and the explosion-proof conformity certificate issued by the China Mining Product Safety Approval and Certification Center Co., Ltd.

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  • LR-16F : 3D Multi-Line LiDAR Sensor

    ●±15°(FOV)@360°full angle scan, measuring range:100m ●More compact size: 97 (D)×84.2(H) (mm) ●Innovative optical design, high manufacturability ●High stability, excellent accuracy in extreme high and low temperature ●310k/s point cloud density with azimuth, distance, reectivity data ●Certication: FCC, EMC, CE, RoHS, REACH ●Accept customization: number of wires (4~32), wiring method, explosion-proof, protection level ●IP66 Protection Level

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