The backpack mobile mapping system

The backpack mobile mapping system is generally composed of a horizontal/tilted LiDAR, Digital camera, GPS, IMU, and controller, and can be moved on operator's shoulders. The surveying device is based on the 3D SLAM technology for mobile modeling.

LiDAR in autonomous vehicles

AI in automobiles is the key direction for the development of the automotive industry in the future, and autonomous driving is the most critical core technology in the process of automotive intelligence.

Intelligent AGV system

OLEI LiDAR has a wide distance measurement range, high repeatability and small angular resolution. It provides guarantee for the realization of AGV navigation function. Navigation LiDAR is generally installed on the top of AGV equipment to detect longer range.

LiDAR in Safety Area Monitoring an...

Although the operating procedures of industrial robots tend to be highly reproducible, the absolute safety of the robot's working area cannot be fully guaranteed.

Patrol Robot for Power plant or po...

Patrol robot can inspect, record and report on the key points of the power plant, such as temperature, gas, vibration, sound, etc., to achieve the full coverage of the key equipment state of the power plant, so that the power plant operation and maintenance people can know & control the state of the equipment in time.

Service Robot

The continuous improvement of life quality by modern technologies has triggered new demand of life service, the service robots have gradually entered the civic places.