The 2D LiDAR sensors developed by OLEI have two different versions according to the horizontal scanning angles:270° version and 360° version. The merits of OLEI's 2D LiDAR can be demonstrated by its compact structure, performance excellency, reliability, costs, and flexibility; it meets most basic requirements of industrial applications, and is an ideal sensor for low speed navigation. The 2D LiDAR can be used for applications such as robots, security and surveillance, industrial automation, and logistics, etc. The users can select different versions based on the functional requirements of collision avoidance or navigation.

LR-1F 2D LiDAR Sensor
LiDAR Sensor
  • ▪LR-1F is an upgrade product from our 1B version
  • ▪ which is developed with some application requirements that require 360° continuous scanning
  • ▪ In addition to meeting the full-angle scanning range
  • ▪ we have also achieved farther measurement distances through optimized optical design
  • ▪Therefore safety monitoring can be performed from full angles
  • ▪and low-speed navigation requirements in industrial scenes can also be met.