The 3D LiDAR sensor with many patented technologies and represents the technical strength of OLEI in the field of laser ranging. We have the mass production capability of 3D LiDAR and can customize the products according to the application needs.

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LR-16F 3D LiDAR Sensor
3D LiDAR Sensor
  • ▪LR-16F is a small size and multi-channel LiDAR developed by OLEI-Systems with proprietary technologies
  • ▪LR-16F has 360°(Horizontal) and ±15°(Vertical) scanning angles 100mdetection range
  • ▪It is primarily designed for a variety of industrial autonomous applications such as AGV Automatic Forklift Patrol Robots and Inspection Robots
  • ▪It can also be used for other applications such as mobile mapping 3D measurement etc.​