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OLEI Laser debuted at 2019 CES Exhibition USA


    On January 8, 2019, the International Consumer Electronics Show CES opened in Las Vegas, USA. CES is the most influential consumer electronics industry event in the Americas. It is a global buyer purchasing consumer electronics, personal computers/communications. The best stage of the product is one of the best channels for the global electronics industry suppliers to release the latest technology/products. It is also the vane of the global industry to observe the industry trends of the year. As a leading company in the domestic sensor industry, OLEI Laser was invited to participate in the exhibition and attracted much attention at the CES exhibition, further opening up the global consumer market.

    HANGZHOU OLE-SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. (OLEI) is a high-tech company centered on location-aware technology. The company is committed to developing sensors, laser radar, opto-mechanical modules and supporting tools for tool vehicles, urban mobile space and BIM measurement. Test and measurement software.

    OLEI provides customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of mobile mapping, industrial mobile robots and security robots. The company's current products include 1D, 2D, 3D laser radar, high-precision laser scanners, attitude sensors, infrared detection sensors.

    OLEI has a team of experienced  teams and industry-leading engineering manufacturing capabilities. At present, a number of core technologies have filled the domestic gap and broke the patent monopoly. OLEI is committed to promoting the products designed and manufactured in China to the global market by virtue of its own advantages, providing customers with products with reliable performance, reasonable price and applicability, contributing to the promotion of industrial automation and IOT industrialization in China. 

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OLEI Laser debuted at 2019 CES Exhibition USA